I am …

…happy about the spring rain (after all, it is important for nature)!

looking forward to every single ray of sunshine!

…delighted about the fact that my exhibition “Perspektiven” can actually take place in the Domagk Atelierhaus*!

…happy to welcome any visitor who brings a chair with them.**!


* Delicate drawings on watercolour paper show the person behind the mask and where at first these omnipresent masks seem to dominate, it is the eyes that capture and never let go. Haunting. Unique! (Portraits and chair installation as a reflection of society)


** Alongside this, a chair installation is being created that will bring them all together: Each visitor is invited to contribute a chair on loan. So, to the extent that you will also be involved here, this temporary work of art reflects human society. Because from “high-risk group” to “systemic relevance”, we are all in the same boat and depend on each other.