Couleurs Sous Influences

Many thanks to the Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG for the invitation to exhibit a selection of my artwork on the subject “Couleurs Sous Influences” (colours under influence) in their premises!


On stage again, my “Lichtblicke” (bright spots) ! I am very pleased to have the opportunity to present once again my series “Irland”, “Paris 1789” and “Ge-Be-Nutzt” (Used).

Es War Einmal

The exhibition title leads us to the past and fairy tales: “Es war einmal” (once upon a time) – that fits perfectly to those range of collages from my series “Ireland” and “Metamorphose”.


I still can hardly believe that I am allowed to exhibit in the Serbian National Museum. It was an honour and a pleasure for me to create these works for the exhibition “Metamorphose”!

Europ’Art Genf

At the invitation of Galerie Pascal Allouart Contempory Art, I am exhibiting paintings from the series “Unsere Gefühle” (our emotions), “Unsere Grundbedürfnissse” (our basic needs) and “Unsere Geschichte” (our history) at this year’s Europ’Art Geneva.

Die Zukunft Ist Eine Lange Vergangenheit

In this exhibition “Die Zukunft ist eine lange Vergangenheit” (Future is a long-term past), combines dedicated pieces of work from my series “Unsere Gefühle” (our feelings), “Unsere Grundbedürfnisse” (our basic needs) and “Unsere Geschichte” (our history). Many thanks to Deininger Unternehmensberatung GmbH and Plaut Personalberatungs GmbH for the invitation to their premises.


In this exhibition I show pictures from the series “Unsere Gefühle” (our feelings), “Unsere Grundbedürfnissse” (our basic needs) and “Unsere Geschichte” (our history). Many thanks to the Bavarian location marketing agency “gotoBavaria”, to invite my esteemed colleague, Ramada Reddy and me to showcase together in their premises.

Penser Coller

Many thanks to the management consultancy Booz – Allen – Hamilton, that provided their office rooms at the Bernheimer Palais for this exhibition of my series “Paris 1789”, “Unsere Gefühle” Iour emotions) and “Unsere Grundbedürfnisse (our basic needs).