Feel welcome to my gallery!
I am Patricia Petapermal – artist, born in Paris with Indian roots.
For more than 25 years I’m living passionately for art.


Once, I used to think that I could never make a living from my “breadless art”. So I studied finance and economics, and started working at the Paris stock exchange at the age of 24.


But then…
In 1993 I barely survived a serious car accident – I had to learn everything again, restart my life.
In this situation, I understood, that in life, each of us has a task – and that mine one is art!
Conclusion: My heart beats for art, art fills me and gives meaning to my life!


Whatever will be, I’d enrolled straight at the l’École des Beaux-Arts, Arts Décoratifs à Strasbourg.
You see, artistic creation also requires the necessary tools as a base.
Thus, today, more than 25 years later, I actually live from my art – and from you, too! From your reactions, your emotions, your feelings and your judgment…
Like a sponge, I take up all this, keep it with me and after all, it will become something else – creation.


My art focus always on people and their relationships – especially in our world of digitalization and globalization.
Painting, drawing, designing – it is all about the same ideas:
Between Zone and Position
Based on my cultural roots in India and France
Animal – Human – Nature
Man in his environment, every figure within the world, acquires his own identity and meaning of being there
The Chair
Symbol of waiting, calmness and those moments in between – time that must pass before something happens.
Again, as an artist I rely on your reactions, your perception and your emotions.
So, please, tell me your impressions, your suggestions and your questions!
Click on the little heart ♡, if one of the artworks touches you.
If you want to support me with the purchase of one of my pieces of work, I would be happy, of course ?!

Enjoy your visit in my gallery!