Welcome to my “virtual” gallery!

I was born in Paris to a French mother and an Indian father. Although my working life started at the Paris Stock Exchange, it quickly changed to art.

It started with the word “lose”; losing what is dear to a person, families, friends, but also almost oneself. This has caused me as an artist to constantly reflect on myself and the world I live in. After a period of “digestion”, I am forced to express my feelings, otherwise… I would explode!

I work on two major thematic axes:
On the one hand, there is the “golden triangle” of animal, human and nature; their interdependencies and connections.
And secondly, “the chair”: in 1993 I was the victim of an accident. The chair was first a goal: to be able to sit down. Then it became an enemy: to be able to get up from it. And in the course of time, it was reduced to the essential: symbol and catalyst.


For 35 years I have been moving in this artistic field of tension, which brings forth in me an angry cry at humanity: are we really that stupid or do we not want to understand: Life is a gift!