The focus is on the human being, the individual one behind the mask, who provides us a glimpse into its soul. Such precious moments captured in delicate drawings on watercolour paper: at first the omnipresent masks seem to dominate but at the end, it is all about the eyes who catch us and do not let us go. Striking. Unique!


With reference to a retirement home, its residents, visitors and caregivers, I felt the tense relationship of the so-called “high-risk group”, the need for “social contacts” and the “system relevant” people:
  • The home residents represent the group for whom this pandemic poses the greatest risk. What else can they do but trust every day that everything is being done around them to protect them? And they do so with all the more admirable confidence and perseverance!
  • Visitors connect the “inside” with the “outside”, no one gets in without being checked. The conflict between fear and longing; after all, they have the responsibility not to endanger their loved ones. Memories of good old days. But at the door the “new normality” is waiting for them again!
  • The caregivers do what needs to be done shift by shift – as always. Besides the daily Corona madness “outside”, what helps them to simply do their work here? Inner strength, trust in God, vocation or simply the awareness that the residents and their relatives are counting on them! People for people…