Out of nowhere this pandemic came upon us: Corona!

With the general lockdown that forced everything to stand still, on the same moment, a lot of anything was released. Suddenly, there was an abundance of time, which everyone perceived and used differently. Whether it is to think, to pause or to work, to keep busy or quite often to reflect, to question….

Thoughts, actions and discussions that have inspired me during these weeks.
Lockdown week 1:
There is bread


The world is holding its breath; the economy and (public) life are standing still.

This feeling of being at the mercy of others, the powerlessness and the fear of the unknown are awakening our basic instincts: Basic needs must be satisfied.

Hoarding purchases everywhere – whether bread, pasta, wine or toilet paper – what you have, no one can take away from you!

Possessing food calms, grants (deceptive) security.