Tier – Mensch – Natur (Animal – Human – Nature)

Man in his environment, each individual receives within the world a separate identity, role and “being there” meaning.

Der Stuhl (The Chair)

It was already during my studies, that the chair became “my object”. He is my catalyst to express my thoughts about human-being.

As part of the creative process, it is continuously changing – let it be a throne, symbol of power; let it be a seat, the tool of waiting or let it be just the symbol of relaxation. The chair touches everyone, as it furnishes our daily live – a constant companion.


Change, development, transition and transcendence … The wonders of fantasy and magical thinking – to be/become a child again.

This series was created as part of the PETALEEproject.


Konsequenzen (Consequences)

Utopia or dystopia – its all in our hands! At every moment we decide again, how to to live in the present and how to shape our future.

This series was created as part of the PETALEEproject.

Die Zeit (The time)

Time is always on the move. In my paintings, I force it to a standstill and thus I am able to show the calming effect.

What would happen in the world if it did not move forward for one day? To quote Marcel Proust: “(..) that the work of art is the only means of finding lost time!”

Ge-Be-Nutzt (Use-d)

How is the person in its nudity? What hurts? When is it abused? And above all, what happens after that? How is this demonstrated? What expression does this have? Those fragile moments…

Puzzle Des Lebens (Puzzle of Life)

Once, fate smashed my life to pieces, many pieces of the puzzle. Chaos and loss were followed by the questions of life, “Who?”, “What?” and “Where”. Then there is the attempt to find me again in the world. Chaos and loss were followed by the questions of life, “Who?”, “What?” and “Where”. Then the attempt to find my way back in the world.

We humans are like puzzles – same same but different “living organisms autopoietic systems – i.e. networks of processes that are active in delimited units and are able to produce more of themselves and preserve themselves” (Francisco Varela).

Paris – 1789

I am carrying different cultures- in me. Where are our roots and why? If you wander through the world a lot, you always get to another beginning. It is our inner home, that gives us security and meaning.

“And this is how (…) a historical space is created (…) Connect the unexpected” (Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda).