How is an artwork created?
1 idea, 1 artist, 1 canvas!
Why not try a different way: 1 idea, 2 artists, 2 canvas?!


I dared this creative experiment with my former student, Tatjana Lee: PETALEE – a dialogue of 2 artists on 1 subject.

PETALEE - working process here using the example ″Annabella“

First, we agree on the 1 basic idea (subject) … which we work out – together in one room, each on their own canvas.

Then we change the perspective by exchanging the canvases with each other several times.

This requires trust in the other artist and at the same time the acceptance that “one’s own” can be supplemented, changed or even completely painted over. Yet every time it is a shock: Where is my picture?!? But then, it’s not gone, the respective idea is still there – from a different angle.

So each of us sets out again in search of the core – a new beginning, but also a recognition, a maturation. The painting develops as if on a staircase, step by step. At the end of this exciting process, there will be 2 artworks created, whose common basic idea is recognizable, but which still show the individual spirit of each 1 artist.