La Vie En Face

Many thanks to the Salzburg Bank AG (Munich) for inviting me to showcase a selection of my artworks (e.g. “Paris 1789”, “Unsere Gefühle (our emotions) and “Unsere Grundbedürnisse” (our basic needs)) on their premises.

Natur und Gefühle

Things always seem to happen when you least expect them: My first exhibition outside Europe takes place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) 🙂 Many thanks to the company Suarez for the possibility to show my series “Unsere Gefühle” (our feelings) in their premises!


I am very pleased to be able to show my collage works in the rooms of the Fondation Heyman.


On the occasion of a longer stay in Ireland, I was invited by the South Tipperary Arts Centre (Cork) to exhibit my works created there.

Droit À La Liberté

I am very pleased that allows me to show my collages on the theme “Droit à la liberté” (Right to freedom) on their premises.


I am very pleased to be invited by the Lions Club de Meaux to proceed my first solo vernissage on the subject of “musical movements” in their premises.

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