1. floor: Peace

2. floor: mirrored text

3. floor: L′Odyssee de Lascaux

As part of a team of 30 artists, I was asked to work on this very special staircase design project in the Niemeser-/Schillerstraße in Ingolstadt (competition “Kunst vor Ort” of the GWG). Through artistic wall and window design, the buildings are to become places of encounter with the neighbours and a meeting place for contemporary art.

Together with my colleague Tatjana Lee, I have chosen the theme “Identität und Heimat ” (identity and home). We have combined one of our pictures with a “mirrored text” for each of them: When walking through the staircase, this “house culture” integrates itself into the natural flow of the residents’ lives.

Patricia Pétapermal: L’Odyssee des Lascaux

Tatjana Lee: Peace

Joseph von Eichendorff: Mondnacht